The Thankful Tree

One last Thanksgiving Freebie!  A fun way to help children think about what they are thankful for and to help them learn about gratitude!The-Thankful-TreeFree Download Thankful Tree pdf

Teach the children that being thankful is one way to be happy! Thankful means to tell someone that you are glad, pleased, and grateful. Grateful means that you say thank you and are willing to help in return. An Attitude of Gratitude helps both you and your family, friends, and classmates. We can be grateful and have joy no matter how “bad” things seem, there is always something good to see in life too!  One of the many ways to truly be happy in life is to be kind, grateful, and thankful.

Directions: Using either brown construction paper, brown paper bags, or brown wrapping paper cut out the shape of a tree trunk with branches to display their leaves on. (You could add these leaves to the Season Tree mentioned in an earlier article!) Help them write down or let them draw a picture of something they are grateful for on either the below leaves, or leaves they make themselves. Talk about how we can always find things to be grateful for. You could continue this each day of school until Thanksgiving to help them focus on being Thankful and Grateful.


~ Love Teaching Children

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