The Color Ghost Song Download

Color Ghost Song thumbThis is a fun interactive Halloween Color Ghost song you can sing with your students, to help them learn their colors.  There are 11 printable pages with directions for use and 2 sets of  10 Ghosts, one set is plain and the other has outlines of each color word on the Ghosts tummy.  A great activity after learning the song is to give children expo dry erase markers and have them practice their writing skills by writing the color sight words inside the color word outlines on each laminated ghost, (be sure to have them erase their writing right after though as the expo will set into the laminate if left on for too long).   Great for teaching colors, color sight word recognition, and writing skills!  You could also use these as decorations in your room!  Find in our $1 Download store, where every product download is either a dollar or free, Enjoy!

~ Love Teaching Children

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