Stockings, Stockings, Stockings!

Plan a day themed around Stockings!  We have a packet full of lots of fun stocking activities, including letters, numbers, counting, writing, and matching!  We also have a free “Dear Santa” Stocking download for you!

Stockings Packet download - 23 pages of Stocking Fun!

My munchkins get so excited each time I print out a new product and get it cut, laminated and ready for them to play with!  Here are a few pictures of the fun they have been having with this packet…

Stocking Numbers

Counting Stockings – count out the right number of items to put on the stocking, you could use pompoms, any other manipulative or the pattern pieces from our Christmas Math Patterns download!

Stockings number

Even my 1 1/2 yr old enjoyed putting the pompoms onto the stockings!
Stockings Letter Find

Stocking Letter Find – find and circle the matching letters, or use manipulatives to put on each correct letter.  (FYI – I printed these 2 to a sheet instead of the full size just to see how it would turn out… if I did it again I’d probably print the full size.  So the ones in the pictures are about 1/2 the size of the ones in the download.)

Stocking Letter Find

I did not expect my 3 1/2 yr old to catch on to this one as quick as she did.  She loved it, finished, erased it and did it over again a couple of times!

Stocking Match Up

Here she is doing the Stocking Match Up game, another favorite that she did a few times over.  You could just play a Matching game, or print 2 pages of them and play Go Fish (Stocking).

There is a book called The Legend of the Christmas Stocking 
that might fit nicely into your lesson too!  You could check your local library for it or get it on Amazon or Kindle.

There is an interesting article over at the Smithsonian Magazine, that talks about the history of Christmas Stockings.

We also found a couple of neat resources for some Christmas Poems for children, some of course have stockings in them too!  The first line up is at Homemade Gifts Made Easy, and the second is at

Click Here to get your Stocking Packet!  It is fully stocked with lots of fun Stocking activities to print, cut, and learn!

If your here for the freebie “Dear Santa” Stocking click the link below to download the pdf!  Be sure to subscribe to our site to get updates when we add more freebies and products!

Dear Santa instructions color

Download “Dear Santa” Stocking pdf

Stay tuned for some more Christmas themed fun!  Gingerbread Men are running this way!  Enjoy!

~ Love Teaching Children



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