Season Tree Window Display

Seasons Tree

This is a beautiful classroom display to have up all year round!  It will bring the changing of the seasons into your classroom and is a great lead in to talking about the science of changing trees.  The best part is that your class gets to help create it!

First, take brown butcher paper and draw a tree with branches and limbs, sized according to where you will display it.  Cut the tree out.  Tape it to a window, glass door. or wall (if no window is available).  Then have your children help you make the decorations for the current season, and again at each change of the seasons.

Seasons Tree - Fall

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Fall:  cut leaf shapes out of coffee filters.  Let the children color them with brown, red, yellow, and orange markers (crayola works the best).  After they have finished coloring the leaf, use a spray bottle filled with water and spray the entire leaf.  The colors will blend together and make beautiful fall leaves.  Let the leaves dry and then tape them to the window around the tree.

Winter: (not pictured) fold coffee filters into triangles and cut shapes out of them to make snowflakes.  If desired, let the children use glue and white glitter on the snowflakes.  Tape the snowflakes around the tree.

Seasons Tree - Spring

Spring:  cut raindrop shapes out of coffee filters.  Let the children use water color paint (I like the bottled water color paint from lakeshore learning) in blue and turquoise to paint the whole raindrop.  If desired, let the children use glue and blue glitter on the raindrops.  After the raindrops have dried, tape them around the tree.

Seasons Tree - Summer

Summer:  cut leaf shapes out of coffee filters.  Let the children paint the leaves green with watered down tempra paint.  If desired, let the children use glue and green glitter on the leaves.  When the leaves are dry, tape them onto the tree.

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