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Are you ready for Halloween Literacy & Language Activities?  If not here are a few ideas to get you started!

Halloween Lit & Lang

1. Spider Web Letter Match free printable from Teachers pay Teachers:  Print the web cards onto paper and laminate.  Place spiders with lowercase letters into a bucket.  Let the children sort the lowercase spiders onto the correct uppercase spider web.  (Container is from Target dollar section)

Pumpkin letter stamping

2. Pumpkin Letter Stamping:  Place letter stamps into a witch caldron bucket (walmart) or any bucket.  Draw a pumpkin with letters onto orange construction paper.  Have a child pull a letter stamp out of the bucket, find the matching letter on the pumpkin, and stamp the letter on the pumpkin with the letter stamp.  (I used a purple stamp pad)

Pumpkin sounds

3.  Pumpkin Beginnings Sounds:  write different letters onto craft foam pumpkins (Target-dollar section)  I wrote the letters that we had recently learned and used this activity as a review including the letter that we were currently working on.  In a jack-o-lantern bucket (Walmart), place items that begin with each letter being reviewed (I used the letter tubs from Lakeshore Learning).  Let the children sort the items onto the correct pumpkin using the beginning sound.

Echo Bat thumb1

 4.  Is our Favorite!  Our cute little Bat, Echo!  Dollar download here, print cut out and laminate.  Use magnets or just lay out on the table, lay out the upper case letter wings around the bat head, and the lower case wings in a container.  Have the student draw out a lower case wing, place it on the bat, and then find the match.  Teach them about Echo Location before the activity to draw in the fun of using a similar idea as they locate the correct “echo” wing. 

We hope you have a wonderful week leading up to a Haunted Happy Halloween!  Enjoy!

~ Love Teaching Children


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