Ghostly Number Matching Game

In our Halloween Activities and Centers article we talked about the Paper Ghost Number Matching math game.
Halloween Math Center 3This one in the photo is a copy of a copy from a 1960/70’s preschool book, we decided to make an updated version that we can share with you!


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Some ideas for use;

Teacher circle time – put magnets on the back and help the students count the dots on the bottom part of the ghost and find the correct top number to match it with.

Center or table activity – you could cut the ghosts in half with little puzzle piece shapes so they can match both the puzzle shape and the numbers, or for children who can recognize numbers then cut them right in half to help assess their counting and number recognition.

You could also use the ghosts and read the poems for, “Ten Little Ghosts“:

 Ten Little Ghosts

Ten little Ghosts flyin in a line,
One flew off and then there were nine;
Nine little Ghosts flyin through a gate,
One flew off and then there were eight.
Eight little Ghosts flyin at eleven,
One flew off and then there were seven;
Seven little Ghosts flyin through the sticks,
One flew off and then there were six.
Six little Ghosts flyin down the drive,
One flew off and then there were five;
Five little Ghosts flyin through the door,
One flew off and then there were four.
Four little Ghosts on a spooking spree,
One flew off and then there were three;
Three little Ghosts howling “Boo”,
One flew off and then there were two.
Two little Ghosts having lots of fun,
One flew off and then there was one;
One little Ghost saw the rising sun,
He flew off and then there were none.



One little, two little, three little Ghosts
Four little, five little, six little Ghosts
Seven little, eight little, nine little Ghosts
Ten little flying Ghosts.
Ten little, nine little, eight little Ghosts
Seven little, six little, five little Ghosts
Four little, three little, two little Ghosts
One little flying Ghost.


The Ten Little Ghosts go along nicely with our Color Ghost Song ghosts and color activity!

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