Do Halloween Activity Centers have you spooked?

Do you love figuring out activity centers or does the thought of it make you want to “howl”?  Well have no fear, there’s no boogy man here, and we’ll help you get your Halloween Activities ready in the shake of a broom.

Halloween Activities pin

Lets start with a Great Halloween Math center line up!

Halloween Math Center 2


1.  Felt spider web: The felt web and spider rings came from Dollar Tree, the cute spider web container is from the Target dollar section.  Children roll the die and then place that many spiders onto the web.  Continue rolling the die until all the spiders have been used.   Math Addition activity:  roll the die.  Place that many spiders onto the web.  Roll the die again and place that number of spiders onto the web and then do the addition counting all the spiders together.

2.  Pumpkin and Spider Craft Stick Puzzles:  tape the orange craft sticks together and purple craft sticks together with masking tape.  Turn them over and draw a pumpkin on the orange sticks and a spider on the purple sticks.  Remove the tape.  Let the children piece the puzzle back together!

Ghost number matching pic


3.  Paper Ghosts Number Matching:  Download Free Paper Ghosts Number Matching.  Print, cut out, and cut paper ghosts in half.  Have the children count the dots and match the numbers on the ghosts.  (For younger children you could cut a different “puzzle” piece shape when you cut the ghost in half, to help them find the matching number).

4.  Ghost scoop:  Draw ghost faces onto lima beans.  Place the ghosts in a cup.  A child uses the spoon to scoop up ghosts.  He then drops the ghosts onto the tray.  He then counts the ghosts to see how many he scooped up. (For more fun things to do with your ghosts check out these ideas – Ten Timid Ghosts or Ghosts and Goblins Counting)

5.  Pumpkin Face Match:  from (this is a paid subscription site)


Halloween Math Patterns Center

6.  Halloween Math Patterns $1 download:  The containers are from the Target dollar section.  Purchase and print the Halloween Math Patterns from our $1 downloads!  Follow the directions and ideas in the download.  This is a great way to assess each child’s understanding of patterns.

Hang tight as we have more ideas coming soon!  Hope you have a Spookless Halloween Center!

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  1. Candy October 21, 2015 at 10:23 am #

    Thank you for such a cute idea! So appreciate you sharing all the information needed to put this together! Keep these coming! Love It! 🙂

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