Christmas Tree Math

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Today we have a fun Christmas Tree Math activity for you!

Christmas Tree Math Back red

Download free Christmas Tree Math pdf

We have the red background with the plain 5 tree pieces and star for free!

For more extensive learning through play we have our blue and red backgrounds with 10 pages of both blank and numbered tree pieces.  Great for a math activity or table!  Counting by ones, two’s, five’s, and ten’s!

Christmas Math Tree


Christmas Tree Math pin

Download Store – Christmas Tree Math

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To put it all together I started by cutting out the pieces using my handy dandy paper cutter (you can see my favorite one here).  Can I tell you how much I love my laminator too!  I have wanted one for years and got one this past fall and I love it!   There may be better models out there, but for the price this one works great.  Scotch Thermal Laminator, Fast Warm-up In Under 4 Minutes, Quick Laminating Speed (TL901C-T)

Christmas tree

After cutting the pieces out, laminating them will keep them useable for a much longer time.
Christmas Tree Math pic 3

The extra pieces here go do our Christmas Math Patterns  download the children love learning about patterns with it!

Christmas Tree Math pic 1

Then trim off the extra laminate (but remember to leave about a 1/8 – 1/4 inch edge around each piece to keep the seal, I also like to round the corners as they can be sharp!)  One of my next favorite tools are these ProMAG Adhesive Business Card Magnets!  I used to use magnetic tape, but it is a bit thick and is always rolling up and coming off the laminate.  These are flat, simple to cut to the right shape and size, and then you just pull off the paper and stick it on.  Simple and effective!

Christmas Tree Math pic

Next put the pieces up on a magnetic white board, fridge, or a cookie sheet and let the children enjoy putting the pieces on in size and number order to make a christmas tree!

Christmas Tree Math Counting by 5's printable

We’ve included blank pieces as well that you could put math problems on or sight words or anything else that you want to review and practice!

Download your Christmas Tree Math packet in our download store today!


~ Love Teaching Children


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