Christmas Math Patterns

A jolly fun way to learn about patterns!  You can use this SO many ways to teach about patterns, pattern recognition, and just for practice.  The Christmas Math Pattern Download has many ideas and helpful tips too!

This sweet 3 year old had tons of fun helping cut off the white edges of the pattern cards…

Christmas math pic

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She did a great job!  Then we put it into my favorite paper cutter to finish getting the hard parts.  I Love this paper cutter for So many reasons!  a. The great see through shield, you can see exactly where the cut will be made.  b. It is simple to use, even my kids can use it without me worrying about any sharp edges, as the blade is retracts until you push the black knob down and slide it down the runner.  c.  The blade is sharp and cuts clean!

Christmas math pic 2

Here is a 5 yr old helping cut out the pattern pieces.  So I know that there is a “big thing” about laminating… and how you should cut out your pieces first, then laminate them, then cut them out again – leaving an 1/8th inch or so around the edge… but there are exceptions to that rule and these pieces are one of them!  I laminated the whole sheet of the pattern pieces first, all those little squares would drive anyone crazy trying to keep them in place as you laminate and would be more work than they are worth!  So I suggest to laminate the whole page, then cut them out, as shown below.  It gives them more stability and won’t make you cry. 😉

Christmas math pic 3

The 3 and 5 year old had lots of fun playing with the pattern cards and pieces and learning to figure out what comes next!  Even my 8 year olds are enjoying them!

Christmas math pic 4

The 3 yr old is still trying to figure out exactly what to do, but that is what learning is all about! Making mistakes, being kindly taught what it means, and trying again.  The only way to learn is by making mistakes!

Christmas math pic 5

Hope you and the children in your class have lots of fun playing with Christmas Math Patterns!!  Download in our store today.   Enjoy!

~ Love Teaching Children

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