Welcome Teachers, Parents, Caregivers, and all others who teach children!

We are so excited to be launching our ideas and products out into the big wide web!  We hope you find some articles, ideas, and downloads that can help you as you teach the children in your life!  What better job is there than that of teaching and raising up the next generation?  And what fun it truly can be!  We know that it is also a LOT of work and a LOT of time and that is where we want to help!

 About Us

We are 2 teachers and mothers who Love Teaching Children!  Adding our teaching experience together we have been teaching children for at least 16 + years now and have 3 and 6 children of our own.  We have a lot of hands on experience teaching young children and know that they learn so much more when things are Fun, Hands On, and Enjoyable to look at and do!  Most of all We Love Teaching Children, it is our passion and mission in life!

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to help all who teach children, be able to Love Teaching Children! We want to help in that process by bringing lots of ideas, quick links, and quick download classroom helps, to make planning easier to do. We have lots of plans for more teaching aids in the future! We also want to bring these products to children who would not otherwise be able to have educational manipulatives like this. Above all we want to keep things affordable and fun!

If you are with an organization, orphanage, or are a mom wanting to teach her child, and do not have the funding available to pay $1 for products, please do let us know, as we will consider trades and possibly some scholarships.

Our Vision is to someday be able to translate our products and send a simple early childhood/ preschool program and books to children in orphanages and third world countries throughout the world to help them learn to love learning and help give them a step up in life and in their education.

Why $1 Downloads?

Why do we charge $1 for downloads, when either a.) so many other preschool downloads are free or b.) on teacher websites downloads are often $2-10?  Will that is simple really, we want to keep things affordable and fun!  This is a business and as such it does need to make a certain amount of profit to promote our mission and vision.  We will Not litter our articles and store with advertisements (which is how a lot of websites generate a cash flow).  And $1, in our opinion, is not too much.  We’d love to become know as the early childhood education Dollar Download Store!  If $1 is not feasible, please do contact us and we will consider some other options or trades for services or time. Also do check out our Free Downloads too!

Terms of Use

We’d like to keep this simple; these products are copyrighted as all creative works are, they take us many, many hours of work to create and digitize for you!  You are free to use them in your school classroom, preschool, childcare, home, etc… Please do not make multiple copies to hand out to all the teachers in your school, but you are welcome to let them borrow yours. Please be honest.  Do not take our work, photos and digital downloads and try to sell them anywhere else.  Please refer people directly to the webpage the products are on, not to the pdf (for our freebies). Thank you!


Though we will not litter our site with ads, we do use affiliate links, most are Amazon Affiliate links, which means, that at no additional cost to you, we will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase.  We area also working on an Our Favorite’s page (coming soon) with affiliate links and we may or may not be compensated for those links. We intend to only have links on Our Favorite’s page of items or companies that we have personally tried and feel are a good educational resource, but we leave it up to your discretion as to whether or not you would like to try them.  We only make recommendations from personal experience and are very grateful for your support in this way. We will not take money just to put up sites that we do not personally know and/or think are worth our time.  Thank you!

We hope you love what you find here!  We’d love to have you follow us; through subscribing for updates, on Facebook, or Pinterest.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns please leave us a comment.  You can also send us an email using the below contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

~ Love Teaching Children


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Due to technical difficulties we are discontinuing all product downloads from our site. We are currently working on moving all product to Teachers Pay Teachers. Please stay tuned for more information! Thank you so much for your support! If you have had any troubles with your previous download please email us at teachers@loveteachingchildren . com. Thank you!